Galatatex Textile

360 perspective on Textile

Circular Fashion Prospective

360 perspective on Textile

Circular Fashion Prospective

Sustainable Products

Did you know that our products are completely sustainable?

T-SHIRT >7m2 land

Did you know that 1 T-Shirt is produced in 7m2 land and 2500 liters of water is spent for 1 t-shirt

Breathe Easy

We have started in 2018 as an Organization Company in Istanbul,Turkey

Energic, young , talented , strong and dynamic team integrated with technology..With our innovative designs and focused on endless service excellence, customer and stakeholder benefits, it become a globally recognized company in a very short time and we established our Manufacturing Company as an exporter of knitted and woven ready made garments for women, men and children by 2021 as GALATATEX We are dedicated to produce finest quality products in the apparel industry, by improving our practices. Our core values are quality, innovation, sustainability and transparency. Our ambition reflects in all our employees, our customers satisfaction and in every article that´s produced.​We follow the latest trends and innovations, resulting in the right product at the right time. Our Design and R&D teams meet the high expectations of the brands that we partner with.​Our management team is composed of some of the most experienced professionals in the Apparel industry. Moreover, each senior executive is guided by an entrepreneurial approach and a deep knowledge of geography and the product line. This depth of executive experience provides a strong and talented team that has been instrumental in Galatatex ’s continuous growth and success Working with USA, UK, Netherland and Germany’s Market with very well known brands

Breathe Easy

Who We Are

As Galatatex Textile, we do not see our production power as our only responsibility. We know that the environmental and human dimension is much more important than our production.


By following the developments in the world, we try to reduce our negative impact on the environment by using methods that will provide maximum benet to the environment and human health.


We have a creative and dynamic design team whose mission is to develop collections to provide services that will enable our customers to stand out from their competitors.


Our company proceeds with a management approach that aims long-term success and benets employees and society, with the participation of all units that focus on quality and keep cus


We know that quality and diversity delivered on time are more important than anything else in customer satisfaction and we invest in that. We are working with a team of experienced and qualified people to produce different garments perfectly every time in a production facility.